The Most Powerful Force in Marketing

When we think about marketing, we usually focus on the stuff ‘to do’…

– building a list
– creating products
– affiliate promotions
– converting customers

and all that stuff. But there’s a very powerful force that plays a huge role in your level of success.

You ARE affected by it whether you realize it or not…

and it’s either helping you or hurting you.


When you’re trying to make money online there’s a ton of information, a boatload of tasks, and constant distractions.

If you focus on the small, the trivial, the immediately-gratifying…

momentum becomes your master and works against you. You feel like there is an unclimbable mountain of things to do and nothing seems to generate results.

If you focus on the big, the important, and sometimes ‘invisible’ stuff you need to do to build your business…

YOU become momentum’s master and it works for you. Doors open up like magic. Results start to mount. Your motivation grows day by day until you become unstoppable.

If you want to make money online, get momentum working for you.

Choose the top 5 most important tasks to get done for your business each day (meaning the 5 things that bring you closest fastest to making money) and do them before you do anything else.

Do this for a month and you’ll never look back.

Make it happen!

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