I went to a soccer tournament for my 10-year old son today and they lost their first game 5-0.

They are playing up a year so the the other teams are a year older…
and more expreienced…
bigger. faster. and stronger too…

When they boys came off the field they started complaining about the refs.

“They were pushing us”
“This guy threw an elbow”
“The refs didn’t call anything on them”

blah. blah. blah.

The other coaches and I stopped them right there.
We told them you can complain and make excuses for losing…

(which makes you feel better NOW but prevents you from improving)


you can accept the loss, focus on what you can control (how hard you
play), and learn from mistakes and failure.

You want to make money online?

The same rule applies to YOU.

You can focus on why you CAN’T be successful…

no money.
no time.
no tech skills.
no marketing experience.
no connections.

and you’ll convince yourself you ‘deserve’ to fail…
(and just get bitter and frustrated)


you can make it happen ANYWAY…

work smart.
stay focused.
never give up.
be resourceful.
get results.

When I started Internet marketing I had no experience, no tech skills,
little disposable income, was working fulltime, going to grad school
at night, knew no one in the industry, and had a wife and 3 kids already…

and I did it ANYWAY.

And so can YOU. Focus on WHY you really want it.
Let that purpose drive you.
and keep working at it UNTIL you make it.

Face problems by asking “How can I overcome this?”
instead of letting them defeat you.

Make it happen!

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One Response to We lost 5-0 (but there’s a bigger story…)

  1. Milena says:

    Thank you for your support and wise advice. Really a lot of things I encounter and mostly lack of enought money to invest.
    I could be slow to move, but I will try to stay focused.

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