Becoming an Internet marketing expert can literally prevent you from making money online…


Yup, you read that right.

There are so many aspects of Internet marketing:

- website design
- email marketing
- graphic design
- copywriting
- product creation
- customer support
- ecommerce
- traffic generation
- tracking & optimization

and the list goes on. To ‘save money’ and
because you can do all this stuff right from
home, most marketers try to do it all themselves.

That’s a HUGE mistake.

There’s flat out too much to do. When you
try to run your business like that, YOU are
the bottleneck…

and you actually prevent yourself from making
money (or at least anything more than a few bucks)

Imagine you owned a McDonald’s restaurant…

Would you cook the burgers, take the orders, mop
the floors, clean the bathrooms, and everything
else all yourself?

Of course not–you’d be out of business in a week.

You couldn’t possibly fill enough orders to make
enough money to survive that way.

But for some reason that’s exactly what most marketers
try to do.

Instead pick a few things you think you’ll be good
at and you’ll enjoy doing.

Focus on getting really good at them.

And outsource the rest. (it’s cheaper and easier
than you might think!)

Then you have a business model you scale as large
as you want without getting overloaded.

EVERY top marketer does this…
and so should you.

Make it happen,

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