Not getting the results you want with your marketing?

Well, let me ask you…WHY?

If you don’t know, then you can’t fix it.
You’re doomed to keep getting weak results.

Here’s a roadmap for you…

There are 3 systems in making money:

1. Traffic / lead generation
2. Conversion or sales
3. Retention or minimizing refunds

That’s it. Nice and simple.
You need leads coming in, a process to convert
those leads into customers, and a process to
keep those customers happy.

The first step in getting better results is to understand WHERE the problem is.

Are you getting enough leads and targeted traffic?
If not, the problem is in system 1…

Are you getting leads and traffic but not making many sales?
If so, the problem is in system 2…

Are you getting traffic and sales but issuing a lot of refunds?
Then your problem is in system 3…

It takes ALL 3 systems to make money (and keep it).

If you’re great at 1 or 2 of them but suck at the others
you’re going to struggle.

And if you don’t know how good or bad you are at each
that’s even worse…you’re going to FAIL.

Running a successful business (online or offline) is
a lot like flying an airplane…90% of the time after
takeoff the plane is OFF course.

The pilot keeps adjusting and redirecting until the
plane reaches its destination.

Being a successful marketer isn’t about marketing
genius and brilliant copywriting.

It’s about starting, getting baseline measurements (stats)
and tracking those stats so when you go off course you
can make adjustments.

Signup rate at 16%? Tweak your traffic and squeeze page
to hit 20%…

Sales conversions at 1%? Tweak your offer and sales page
top hit 2%…

Refunds at 19%? Tweak your customer support and followup
communications to hit 13%…

and so on.

It’s not the genius that makes it big…it’s the marketer
with the persistence, focus, and attention to detail that does.

Make it happen!

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2 Responses to The Reason Your Marketing Results Suck

  1. Alex Zemkus says:

    Great post Brett and outline on what is needed to increase your results. I like your analogy of the in-flight course corrections.

  2. Milena says:

    Just I am agree that must to watch all the details of the three systems for profitable results. Thanks for this allocation process.

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