Internet marketing has changed.

The ‘success model’ used to be get JV partners and launch a product.

Cash in.

Then rinse and repeat.

The more launches you did, the more money you’d make.

But then the sharks moved in…

Scammers saw how much cash was pumping through the industry and started making phony software and hiring expensive copywriters to make slick sales videos.

They milked the industry, scammed money from a lot of people, and killed the ‘repeated launch model.’

Customers got skeptical and bitter and stopped buying overnight success products.

The money marketers make from launches dropped by 80-90%.

Here’s the new model…

Create a product in a niche you’re passionate about.

Put 100% of your effort into making it the best you can.

Deliver massive value for customers.

Launch the product.

Then collect customer feedback, improve the product, tweak the marketing, and maximize your profit.

Keep making the product better, keep tweaking the marketing to maximize conversions, and focus on working it until you’re making fulltime income from it.

Create a flagship product…

that’s the NEW model for making money in Internet marketing.

Make it happen,

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