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5 Responses to The Biggest Mistake Internet Marketers Make

  1. Bruce Frazer says:

    Hi Brett,
    The points you made are , and have been valid for a long time.
    1 Plans suck…as soon as you develop your plan, the environment changes and you end up with this ” 3 month rolling business plan” .Strategy is far more effective.
    2 The only thing one has to be an expert in, is where to find information that people need.
    3. Not learning to delegate is a one way train to failure..

    I am enjoying your information and it is nice to see someone who understands the basics for success.
    Keep it up!

  2. So true. Good job Bro

  3. Ade says:

    Yes, you don’t have business if you are doing everything yourself, you have a job that is probably worse than the 9-5 job you are trying to quit. Also, I suspect it’s not good for your mental health if you are wearing half a dozen different hats (figuratively speaking) each day. It may be fine at the start but eventually you have to delegate work out to other people.

  4. PAUL GIBBON says:

    you have started me to learn befour i get started.

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