New products are popping up everyday in Internet marketing…

And now most of them are so cheap ($9 or $17 vs. the $77 or $197 they used to be…) that it’s tempting to just keep buying.

But should you?

How do you decide which products to buy and which ones to pass on?

Here’s how I decide what to do…

First, I realized a long time ago that you need to decide and focus.

Decide what your marketing plan is–what niche, how you’re going to get customers, what products you’re going to offer, etc.–and focus on doing that until you get it done.

Here’s how it relates to buying stuff…

Ask yourself, “Will the product help me directly with my marketing plan, or is it something that will distract me?”

For example, if my marketing plan is to build a prospect list and Facebook is one of the methods I’m using…if I find a product that shows me how to get cheap leads or traffic from Facebook I might buy it because I can start USING it right now to accomplish what I’m trying to do.

But, if I see a product for a done-for-you review site I won’t buy it because it does not help me with what I’m doing RIGHT NOW. If the product is cool, I will bookmark it and check back when I’m done with what I’m doing.

But I know if I buy it now, it’s going to pull me in another direction and prevent me from getting it done.

Making money online isn’t about buying and trying stuff, it’s about getting stuff done.

Follow this rule and you’ll not only get better results faster, but you’ll save yourself a ton of money and headaches too.

Make it happen,

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