Who doesn’t love shiny new objects?

As marketers, we see new products popping up everyday.

They look so good.
They make such tempting promises.
They help us believe it’s possible again.

But if you’re struggling to make money
online right now…

They are also your WORST enemy.

I’ve been a fulltime marketer for over 5 years
and I can promise you ONE thing.

The quickest way to MAKE money is find a
niche you love, create a simple plan, and
FOLLOW it THROUGH until you get there.

You’ll need to test and tweak, and keep
optimizing until you ‘dial in’ the profits.

It’s not sexy. But it WORKS.

What most people do is the opposite…

Try something and when they don’t get instant
results the 1st time they scrap it and try
something else.

Or even if they INTEND on sticking with it
when they see a new shiny object (product launch)
they can’t resist.

They buy that too and head down that rabbit hole.
Until the NEXT new shiny object comes along…

That’s the quickest path to FAILURE.

It’s often not the marketing tactic or
strategy that doesn’t work, but rather
the marketer who gives up too quickly.

I’ve been doing this a long time and I don’t
know 1…NOT 1…marketer who got rich
overnight on the 1st thing they tried.

(that nonsense only happens in sales videos)

Start with your passion. Make sure people
are making money there already…

then stick with a SIMPLE plan:

1. engage the market and join the conversation
2. pay attention to what people need and are in ‘pain’ from
3. build a list by offering free info to help them
4. followup and build your relationship with your subscribers
5. offer paid stuff that helps them more and that makes you money.

There’s your $1,000,000 marketing plan…


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One Response to Shiny New Objects

  1. Milena says:

    I agree of course.
    Of this plan 5 steps seen that money makes them the longer list.
    list the most difficult to build. Cost a lot – recently offered me
    100 emails to pay $1200.00. Just got away.
    Actually must have a very good offer, something that many seek, and people to set email to desiring to learn more.
    Of those interested people should more to win.

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