I was at a marketing conference a few years ago when I guy stood up and asked the speaker, “How much to take you to lunch?”

The speaker was marketing legend Jay Abraham.

The guy in the audience was hoping to take him to lunch so he could

pick his brain…
learn his secrets…
do what Jay does…

When the next speaker took the stage he offered the man some advice.

He told him, “F#$! lunch with Jay. Have lunch with yourself.”

What he meant is…

it’s fine to learn from others.
Mentors can help you get better results faster.

But YOU are your own brand.
Be yourself.
Don’t try to be someone else or copy what they do.

Take advice or lessons and ask yourself, “How can I apply this to MY business?”
or “How can I adapt this to make it work for ME?”

The quickest way to struggle is to copy everyone else.
The quickest way to thrive is to do it YOUR way.

Make it happen,

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