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  1. jim kelly says:

    Hi Brett,
    Al my sites are at #1 but no traffic means no sales
    Your thoughts would be appreciated.



    • Brett says:


      What are the keywords you’re #1 for and what is your website URL? You want to make sure that the keywords/niche you’re ranking for actually has money to be made there (I’ll be posting a free report on the blog shortly that shows you how) and that your site title + description in the search results gets people to click it. Even if you’re #1 it’s no different than having the top space on a yellow pages page–you’ll get eyeballs but if the ad is weak your phone won’t ring…


  2. Joy Pratt says:

    Thank you for all your useful information on building a website. I am still a newbie after 3 years of trying and have found your videos and blogs to be so very helpful. My question is in regards to SEO, Tags, Meta Tags etc. What are Meta Tags and how do you use them in you blog posts. I see where to put them when creating a post, but don’t really understand them. Do you have a video or post that can explain all this to me?

    Thanks again for you help and great information.

    Joy Pratt

    • Brett says:


      Thanks for the question.

      Meta tags are simply HTML elements that do not affect the look, feel, or content of your webpages but can be read by search engines for indexing purposes.

      So whatever you want search engines to think about your pages or posts you can put in there and you don’t have to worry about it messing up your content.

      Hope that helps!


  3. Jim Boxell says:

    Hi Brett,

    I’m Jim Boxell, I made a comment on your page and you replied Thanks…..

    Well don’t want to take up much of your time here…

    I’m an Internet Marketer, (1st you admit what you are, this business is Internet Marketing)…
    I started just back in Nov 2012, with no other choice but to be an Internet Marketer. I’m disabled,(from a drunk driver in 1992), I lived a very hard painful life after that trying to prove to myself I can still do it….90hours-110hours a week in a factory, a foundry making aluminum wheels for American cars. When the Wreck happened I was assembling Chevrolet Corvette Doors, rear decks and the hoods…also assemble the Mack Truck(semi_18 wheeler).
    After 4 back surgeries and no surgeon would or wanted to do any more surgeries because of scares wrapped around the sciatic nerve. The only surgery they would do is neck surgery, for 3 mangled disc in neck.
    So being put on Social Security in 1999, I lost over $5k a month…My check a month is now less than I made in a week. I was unable to carry on helping people like I used to, like fixing their car, or working on their house, never hardly charging them because I know how tough it is raising a family and car breaks down, or house needs work…Which I always was blessed some how for what I did, don’t know the connection but I never needed for anything and got everything I wanted.
    Last year I was put to the test and failed miserably… My wife broke, well shattered both bones in her left leg below the knee. The surgeon that ‘shoved’ a ‘rod’ or he called ‘The Nail’ in her leg and screwed the rod to her knee and ankle, said I don’t know if you’ll ever walk again…
    Evidently this took her out of work, no insurance and no workman’s comp for the accident was at our house. This meant no pay…I had to support a family of 4 on my SS check of $1k and my youngest child’s pay of $500 off my SS. $1500 and Welfare turned us down and all the other application that was put in place by our Government to help people like us, at the time.
    So I had to decide either pay Mortgage of the home we’ve lived in for 20 years….or get food…it is evident what I chose…
    8 months go by and we are falling farther behind…winter bills hitting us with electric $500 a month alone….(electric heat)…
    One evening my youngest son went to his mother on way to bed…(sorry, I needed a minute..).. Said to his mother…”I’m hungry mom, I haven’t ate all day”….(accuse me for a minute again please….) …..
    I am truly sorry, but i remember you mentioned you had children…..Then you can imagine the pain…Worst pain I ever felt…stronger pain than the nerve pain I live everyday….I had no money, I looked in fridge, freezer, cabinets…. nothing….no soup, no crackers or bread or even flour for a gravy…nothing…
    I went to my doctor that is treating me…..Begged and begged….pleaded and pleaded……”Please release me to work….”…..”Please”….The doctor refused….said they could not live with the fact If I ended up paralyzed or damaged something worse…
    They were right, I couldn’t even fix my car let alone someones else car.
    I went to HUD try to save our home since my Mortgage decided ‘Bail Out Money’ was alright and fattened up their pockets….but my little 60k.. I was willing to pay when my wife and if she was able to work. No communication… just computer message and they never returned the call…
    HUD, after waiting over 6 months for them to find time for me, finally called, the day my wife was walking and just found out she could or made herself go back to work.
    So I explained to HUD our situation… and that our Mortgage had wrote us off….
    I was told by them that since my wife is able to work now, they can’t help me…. told me the only way to save my home now is pay 1/2 of what I owe and The Mortgage will work with me again.
    So, The Mortgage Co. just turned my credit report into the ‘red pages’ so I am not borrowing money…..I can’t work….and my wife is on a salary….hmmmmm….sounds like I’m screwed….
    So I get on an internet browser……Search for ‘Make Money On The Internet’…
    5k searches,……3 million searches…etc….

    Where does one begin?

    So got ripped off all the money I have had stashed from selling everything I had…….I have nothing left…..except what I did learn…
    I take anything, like a business, very seriously……you know, play time over….
    What I learned was….’Mind_Set’……Without the proper Mind_Set….A list, traffic, A package, a product, an affiliate link, or even the perfect framework will not be successful. The mind_set is what I considered the beginning…
    But as I learned and kept finding trainings on this I didn’t implement anything…
    Know after almost a year being an Internet Marketer, I know what I need to do, just need to learn how to implement it.
    I’m sorry I blew you away with all this… but I know you from what you have shared….I thought maybe you should know who I am and where I come from.

    I actually just wanted to tell you I accept your ‘Thank You’….And I only commented because you speak Honest about business on the Internet.
    I have been following Alex Jeffreys for his ethnics as an Internet Marketer….I had recently apply for his new Inner Circle Private Members….Evidently he had put my application in his “A” pile and his associate called me….
    unfortunately you can’t run a business if the business doesn’t make money….no matter how bad Alex wanted me to join, money was stopping me.
    I accept the lose of a ‘Chance in A Lifetime’ to be Mentored by him…..(NOT)…
    But that’s the way it is….
    I recently came across your work……But….I notice What Kind of Person they are when when learning from someone…..You have same traits as Alex…..And I have been looking at some of your (ruff outlined) Mind maps……Hope you don’t mind me learning from what you have out there free anyways….just have no money at this time.
    I am only wanting to learn from the people who I think are what I am wanting to be….Which is, Honest help to make money on-line, no BS…
    Thats the way I was so why change and be that here….I don’t ever want to hear a person going through what I have….It is just not right!!!

    I have a long journey ahead of me, but I’m staying focused and making my self accountable for each step of me making my business Successful.

    *****plus I need to learn how to consolidate my writing…..good Lord I wrote a lot….Sorry…

    Nice getting to know you and hope you don’t mind my long long inspiration to succeed I have wrote here.

    Have a Successful Day

    Jim Boxell

    ***Success wasn’t just made for certain people, It was made for the person who can except accountability for themselves and drive themselves to to be the best they can be…………..

    ….My inspiring quote…..

    • Brett says:

      Wow Jim you sure did write a lot! Thanks for the comment.

      I know Alex–he’s a good guy. There are a lot of us trying to actually help people, but there are also scammers to be sure in this industry.

      We understand the challenges–believe me you’re not alone in terms of dealing with issues and hardship.

      To be successful as an Internet marketer, it does take focus, determination, and willingness to work hard. It doesn’t require a lot of money (although that makes it easier) but it will just take longer.

      Stay strong–I love your attitude!


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