The Internet is overcrowded with anonymous marketers.

Selling product after product…
pushing offer after offer…

and not doing a single thing to step out from the crowd or to differentiate.

It’s possible to make SOME money that way, but it’s HARD.

You need to keep promoting and promoting until prospects get tired of hearing from you to make sales.

OR you can build a brand…

and get customers looking for you…
asking to buy your products…
and sharing your offers with others…

that’s how you can make BIG money, and it’s EASY.

Start by thinking about what you stand for…

why are YOU different (better) than your competitors?
why is YOUR product the best choice for your customers?
what do YOU offer that no one else does?
how do your customers UNIQUELY benefit from your offer?

Really think about it and then communicate that in every email, website, blog post, tweet, etc.

Give away info, advice, reports, or whatever free BEFORE asking for money.

If you give value and you communicate how customers uniquely benefit from your products, you’re building your online brand.

When you have a brand, you don’t have competition.

You don’t have to pester people to make sales.

And you have total financial security.

Make it happen,

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