I see so many people trying to make money online by
buying and trying one new gimmick after another.

I didn’t get it at first.
I didn’t understand why people would just keep buying stuff…only to find out it doesn’t work…to then go do it again…

But then I realized it’s because they have NO CHOICE.

They are suffering from one or more of the 3 ‘IM killers.’

There are 3 reasons people struggle, and get forced into the buy…fail…rinse & repeat trap:

1. they don’t know what to do to make money online
2. they don’t know how to do it
3. they don’t have the skills or knowledge to get it done.

When you’re stuck with any of those 3 issues, you really have no choice but to keep buying stuff and hope something will ‘do it all for you.’

Well, my friend…I only say this because I care…it’s not going to happen.

There isn’t a product you can plug in and sit back while it churns out money.

(if there ever was, do you think anyone would sell it to you for $27?)

But all is not lost…

You can always FIND OUT what to do, LEARN how to do it, and DEVELOP or OUTSOURCE the skills required.

It’s just important that you’re aware so you don’t stay stuck in that trap.

Make it happen!

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